CSH is offering different kind of trekking package:
- One day trekking to Triund - 2800 Meters
- Three days trek to Indrahara Pike - 4300 Meters
- Six days trek over the Indrahara Pass to Chamba Valley - 4300 Meters
- Fourteen days trek over 2 passes: Indrahara Pass (4300 Meters) and Kukthi Pass (4500 Meters) to Lauhul Valley

Camping sessions:
- River Camping
- Jungle Camping
- Montain Camping

For any questions please feel free to contact Ved +91 98161 26328

Following some photos:

Village Kukthi
Old man from Kukthi
Dhuladhar Ranges
Ved in Dhuladhar Ranges
Montain Camping
Montain Sheeps in Triund
Lahas Waterfalls
Bata and trekker in Lahas Caves
Kuarisi River
Indahara Pass
Indahara Pass
Indahara Pass - Sea of Clouds
Sun Set from Lahas Cave
Indahara Top